The Last Pilgrims

by is a well constructed, detailed account of a hypothetical future. The story follows the development of two apparently ethically opposed groups the  and the , as they struggle to survive twenty years after the of modern civilization in a post-apocalyptic Texas. The  are peaceful farmers while the Ghost Militia is made up of a group of military men that in many ways are descendants of present day special forces. While they share a similar belief in God and a self-sufficient lifestyle, they fundamentally differ in their beliefs on how to survive. The  are pacifists. The Ghost Militia are soldiers. In many ways, The Last Pilgrims plays out an internal conflict that I am sure many of us share. While we may long for a peaceful, agrarian lifestyle, it is hard to imagine a world in which such a society could exist without pressure from the more violently-inclined portion of humanity. As it turns out, the Ghost Militia and the  have formed an unspoken alliance in which the Ghost Militia protects the  from the more hostile, violent elements and in return the  share their abundant food and resources. In the new Dark Age of mankind, The  and Ghost Militia are under constant threat from The Kingdom of Aztlan which is ruthless in its quest to expand its territory, influence and resources. War, spies, traitors and assassins…give a warm welcome to Michael Bunker, the new Tom Clancy of post-.

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