Apocalyptic Fiction

Apocalyptic Fiction is a website that provides reviews and commentary for fans of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction. We seek to provide honest and helpful reviews that will guide you in your selection of apocalyptic entertainment. Additionally, we frequently present high quality fiction from lesser known and independent authors.

Apocalyptic Fiction was launched in October 2011, by Barry O, a fledgling writer and long time fan of the apocalyptic fiction genre. When Barry isn’t working, you will find him writing, reading, watching movies or striving towards the creation of a more self-sufficient lifestyle. Though fascinated by the apocalypse, Barry is not necessarily convinced that it will happen in his lifetime. In fact, he is happily married and driven to build a future where his family is safe, happy and secure.

If you have a fictional work about the apocalypse and would like to have it reviewed and showcased on this website please contact us through one of the methods below:

Email apocalypticfiction@gmail.com



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