Apocalypse Law

Apocalypse Law by John Grit is a very entertaining story about a man and his son struggling to survive on a small farm after an influenza strain kills a large part of the human population. After the last few books that I have read, it was truly fun that the main character in Apocalypse Law, Nate, is a retired Army Ranger that can kick some major ass! (what can I say, sometimes I get tired of the bad guys running the show!:) Naturally, some unsavory types make their way past the farm in the period following the outbreak and Nate is willing and able to defend himself and his son. Apocalypse Law reads more like an action movie. It is fast paced and full of suspense. This is a good book to read after you finish The Road by Cormac McCarthy. You could argue that The Road may be more realistic but Apocalypse Law sure is a lot more fun!


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  1. I enjoy reading dystopian/apocalyptic books. John Grit has written a very neat lesson in what to do…and called it fiction. I have also just finished reading another set of books he has written, Feathers on the Wings of Love and Hate I-let the gun speak and Feathers on the wings of Love and Hate II – Call Me Timucua. I suggest that people read these and if they dont like big gubberment share them with those that do. His Apocalypse Law 1 and 2 are both awesome books that will teach any reader how to survive even meagerly. GET THEM ALL AND READ THEM! And get ready for the throw down…cuz its coming.

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