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A Listing of Apocalyptic Fiction Author Sites and Blogs

299 Days – Glen Tate’s Frequently Updated Blog on┬áthe 299 Days Series

Adrian’s Undead Diary

John Phillip Backus Blog – Author of After the Fall Series

Michael Bunker’s Site – Author of The Last Pilgrims

Don Chase’s Blog – Author of After the Storm

Bryan Cassiday’s Site – Author of the Chad Halverson zombie apocalypse series

Nick Cole’s Blog – Author of The Old Man and the Wasteland

Joseph Coley’s Site – Author of Six Feet From Hell

Ian Daniels Site – Author of Against the Grain

Ron Foster’s Blog – Author of The Prepper Trilogy

Archer Garret’s Site – Author of The Western Front

C. Chase Harwood – Author of Sudden Origin

G. Michael Hopf’s Site – Author of The End

Hugh Howey’s Blog – Author of the Wool series

M.L. Katz’s Blog – Author of Raft People

Stephen King’s Site

Stephen Konkoly’s Blog – Author of The Jakarta Pandemic

S.M. McEachern’s Site – Author of Sunset Rising

Maz Marik’s Site – Author of End Storm

Brian Parker’s Blog – Author of Gnash

Michael Poeltl’s Site – Author of An Angry Earth and The Judas Syndrome Trilogy

James Wesley Rawles’ Blog – Author of Patriots and Survivors

Dina Rae’s Blog – Author of The Last Degree

R.P. Ruggiero’s Blog – Author of Brushfire Plague

Julianne Snow’s Blog – Author of Days With the Undead

Joseph Souza’s Blog – Author of The Reawakening

Raymond Dean White – Author of The Dying Time Series

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  1. Author of The Dying Time: Impact–an apocalyptic action adventure featuring Preppers, the crew of the International Space Station and absolute chaos. Now available for pre-order on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and other ebook retailers.

  2. Awesome list! I am halfway through writing the first book of a series that entails a huge and devastating solar electromagnetic storm hitting Earth. Critics have been very supportive.

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