Falling Skies Season 2 Episode 15

In TNT’s post apocalyptic, alien invasion series Falling Skies episode 15 Love and Other Acts of Courage, the human resistance finds an unlikely ally when they discover some of the alien invaders are willing to join them in their fight against their “overlords”. This is a good episode that captured my interest. Falling Skies is turning out to be a successful blend of post apocalyptic action/survival and alien science fiction. You could argue that the drama between some of the characters is a little “sappy” or “soap opera” like, but in order for a show like this to be successful, the writers need to appeal to a fairly diverse audience. (read: it can’t be all shooting, killing, blowing stuff up and down and dirty post apocalyptic survival or it would get cancelled) I’m willing to suffer through some “sappy” love story moments in order to get my post apocalyptic kicks in a show with a decent plot line that has a good budget. Watch the full episode on TNT’s website for free through the link below:

Falling Skies Episode 15 Love and Other Acts of Courage

Find out more about the alien invasion at http://www.fallingskies.com



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