Falling Skies Season 3 Premiere TNTs Alien Apocalypse

The new season of TNT’s post apocalyptic tv series Falling Skies starts off at the resistance base in Charleston, North Carolina where a fairly large and bustling human community has been established in the remnants of America following a full scale alien invasion. The human resistance has found some unlikely allies in another alien species that has been similarly persecuted by the so called “overlords”. This new alien ally has given the resistance some advanced weapons and technology that will certainly help in the fight against the superior invading forces. The season premiere is divided into two episodes. Episode 1 is called On Thin Ice and you can watch it for free through Amazon instant video here. You can watch the second episode, titled Collateral Damage through the TNT website here or stream it through Amazon instant video here. These were good episodes. A nice little alien invasion apocalypse to balance out all of the zombie action as of late. 

2 thoughts on “Falling Skies Season 3 Premiere TNTs Alien Apocalypse

  1. I am about to go watch Sunday’s episode now! This is one of my favorite shows; unfortunately, most of my friends (and wife) do not dig it.

    • Hi there. Thanks for your comment! I can relate about friends and family not wanting to watch your shows. I try to record my shows and watch them on those rare moments when the tv is available. Take care.

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