Guest Post Raymond Dean White Author of The Dying Time Impact

Our first guest post comes from Raymond Dean White, author of The Dying Time: Impact. His apocalyptic book explores one of my favorite end of the world scenarios – a large asteroid impact! He offers us a brief synopsis of his novels and gives us some insight into what pulled him to the genre. Thanks Raymond!


dying-time“THE DYING TIME: IMPACT” reveals my take on how to survive the worst possible disaster that could befall humanity—a mountain-sized asteroid impact.

When the Impact destroyed civilization and re-sculpted the globe the only survivors were the hastily expanded crew of the ISS, who watched the devastation below with growing horror, while wondering if they would ever get to go home, a few Preppers, whose stores of food and other commodities made them irresistible targets and the desperate hordes who would do anything–eat anyone–to live.

“THE DYING TIME: IMPACT” is a stand alone novel that is also book one of a trilogy. It has almost 300 great reviews. You can find it here on Amazon.


“AFTER THE DYING TIME” is also a stand alone novel and is book two in the trilogy. It details the fight to preserve liberty against a rising feudalism.

In a post-Impact world there are Kings, subjects, slaves and those desperately fighting to remain free. Twelve years after The Dying Time Impact, Joseph Scarlatti reigns as King of California, or at least that’s what he’s called to his face. Behind his back the words tyrant, butcher, monster and cannibal are spoken softly in fear of being overheard. His spies are everywhere. His empire spans the remains of the entire West Coast. But his need for power is all consuming so he invades the Colorado Freeholds and the Nation of Deseret (formerly Utah) and he hasn’t forgotten about gaining control of the top secret weapon that can assure him of world domination.

On the moon, where the crew of the International Space Station relocated to survive, a mutiny is brewing. The population is growing, resources are getting scarce, their power supply is failing and people are getting sick of military rule.

There’s also a growing fear that if anyone on Earth gains control of The Weapon they’ll use it against Luna City and plans are hatched to destroy the space based laser.

Meanwhile, Havoc’s twin is hurtling toward Earth and that weapon is the only thing that can prevent another Dying Time.

“AFTER THE DYING TIME” has received more than one hundred great reviews. You can find it here.


As a boy of ten I stumbled upon Andre Norton’s post-apocalyptic tale titled “Star Man’s Son” and thus began a life long love affair with apocalyptic fiction. I’ve been an avid reader for more than fifty years now, but the novels that finally pushed me over the edge from reader to writer were a pair of classics. Stephen King’s “The Stand” and Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle’s “Lucifer’s Hammer” did the trick. They captured my imagination and inspired me to begin writing about my own apocalyptic vision.

Please visit my author website at and check out my other books as well as my Dying Time Newsletter. Those signing up received a free copy of my non-fiction Prepper book, “BUGGING IN: WHAT TO DO WHEN TSHTF and YOU LIVE IN SUBURBIA.”

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