Poll 2: What is Your Favorite Apocalyptic Television Series?


With a number of new apocalyptic television series coming out this year, including NBC’s Revolution,¬†I thought I would run a poll to get a general consensus of what people think is the best apocalyptic television show. This poll includes¬†some of the better known past and present apocalyptic tv shows. Please vote below. If you don’t see your favorite show listed, please write it in a comment. Thanks for participating!

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18 thoughts on “Poll 2: What is Your Favorite Apocalyptic Television Series?

  1. Thanks for voting! Survivors did leave you hanging. Maybe they were planning on doing another season and it didn’t work out? I got in to The Walking Dead a little late in the game but I’m sure glad I did! You have a great site by the way!

  2. The Jericho story continues in the Season 3 & 4 comic by IDW.

    Due to it’s current run on Netflix, and the amazing amount of new fans, CBS and Netflix are in talks about bringing back Jericho as an original series on Netflix. Let Netflix know that you want more Jericho!

  3. I loved the Colony because it was a great mix of how people might really act and post apoc drama. Not sure if it belongs with the other, fiction shows however. I would love to see more seasons of The Colony in varied settings.

    • I enjoyed the colony too. While it wasn’t purely fiction, the situations were a little artificial. I thought the setting for the last season was great in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Maybe they’ll make some more seasons for us?

  4. Jericho is the most amazing show CBS has brought to the screen. It’s more that just a TV show. You tend to bond with the cast members and characters and live the show with them. Would love to have them back in my living room weekly again!!

    • Hi Dina,
      Thanks for voting and leaving a comment! That must have been exciting meeting Jay Bonansinga! I’ve got your book The Last Degree on my Kindle ready to go…it’s next up on my reading list!

  5. I’m not sure how valid my vote is since out of all these shows the only one I’ve watched was Jericho. But when it was on it was my favorite show!

    I am going to check out Revolution next month. Keeping my fingers crossed that it’s not a cheese fest.

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