Reading List

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Raft People by M.L. Katz

The Judas Syndrome Book One by Michael Poeltl

Odin’s War by R.A. Griffith

Six Feet from Hell: Response by Joseph Coley

Six Feet from Hell: Escape by Joseph Coley

Atrum Terra: Dark Lands by Brenton Cox

The Western Front by Arthur Garrett

Battle for the Vision by Mike White

End Storm by Maz Marik

Against the Grain by Ian Daniels

The End by G. Michael Hopf

Ragnarok Rising: The Awakening by D.A. Roberts

Waking the Zed by ML Katz

W1CK 2: Charm School by Michael Bunker

Zombie Messiah by Eric Mead

Zombie Maelstrom by Bryan Cassiday

The Last Soldier: Nature of the Beast by James Weatherford

Gnash by Brian Parker

Northern Lights by T. Rico

The Shadow Patriots by Warren Ray

Zompoc Survivor: Exodus by Ben Reeder

One Undead Step by Ian McClellan

The Twelve by Justin Cronin

Collision Course by David Crawford

Zombie Fallout by Mark Tufo


20 thoughts on “Reading List

  1. This is a good idea. I was just thinking myself how I have these long reading lists/book que’s and have no way of sharing (well, except goodreads). Plus, i’m extremely lazy and read like 5 books and then go “ah crud, have to review on my website!” and then I don’t. :/

  2. I am so happy I found this blog – ever since I first read “The Stand” I have had a fascination with apocalyptic fiction! I’m planning on reading a few of the books your reviewed… One series that had me hooked from the beginning was “Zombie Fallout” I think there are now 6 books in the series – entertaining, funny at times, gory and imaginative… I just finished season 3 of “Yesterday’s Gone” – it was ok, the story jumped around from character and timeline a little too much and was kind of hard to follow – but it contained some really good cliffhangers!

  3. I would he honored if you would consider my book, Atrum Terra: Dark Lands on Amazon.

    What will it be like when the world really ends? Do you think that your Doomsday television shows and your Survival internet forums have prepared you for what is really coming? Do you think you will be able to keep your sanity with no cellular phone, no automobile, and no electricity? Will you be able to steal to stay warm, eat the family pet so you do not starve, or kill another human being to stay alive? You do not really want the world to end, not like this.

  4. Just thought that I’d add that my third Six Feet From Hell book titled Six Feet From Hell: Salvation is now out! A fourth book entitled Six Feet From Hell: Civilization is currently underway as well!

  5. Thanks for the response Barry. Here’s my info.
    The Shadow Patriots.

    Middle-aged Cole Winters is running for his life after stumbling upon a secret plot to kill Americans who are volunteering to fight in a disastrous war against an invading Chinese army in California. In a frantic race to save as many volunteers as possible, he relies on other recruits while trying to survive and evade capture from the Military and the National Police.

  6. Hello. I just finished my new screenplay, Dark Days. I would love any feedback or notes if you check it out and get the book at amazon.

    When the post-apocalyptic world, weary from the long fight, was struggling to get back on its feet, those who remained longed for the fear and chaos to end. Unfortunately this led to the rise of Tyrants. A time where they and their soldiers controlled their City-States with brutality and hate. The worst of these Warlords is Police Mayor Syron and his City-State of Sideon. With so much uncertainty and hopelessness from Syron’s ironclad rule, how can the people know the revolution will happen? Because Roman, a former soldier and ex mercenary, is returning to Sideon to start it.

    Thanks for the help and support!

  7. I am thrilled I found your site. Can’t wait to read the books. My book is different because it takes place now and covers ISIS, HAARP, Electromagnetic fields, the Middle Eastern Wars, etc. I have a letter of confirmation from Mrs. Coretta King through Sonja B. Augustine, Director, Licensing and Operations to use Dr. Martin Luther King’s name . I have obtained Email Confirmation from Clifford Carnicom at Carnicominstitute and Dr. Nick Begich (Angels Don’t Play This HAARP) I hope you enjoy the ups and downs of emotion and would recommend a sequel revolving around the last paragraph. Thank you. Dolores Tansey

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