Poll 1: Realistic Apocalyptic Books?

The Most Realistic Apocalyptic Book

What are the most realistic apocalyptic books? I find books portraying widespread pandemics to be most believable. Although zombie books are certainly enjoyable, I have left them out of the poll due to the unlikelihood of their existence (at least I hope). I have listed some of the most popular apocalyptic books below. Please vote from the list and feel free to leave comments. Thanks!

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5 thoughts on “Poll 1: Realistic Apocalyptic Books?

  1. Wow I just stumbled upon you on twitter. I write PA stories and I tend to think they’re very realistic (no zombies or magic) I was wondering if I could get a review or maybe added to your great blog here. It’s called After the storm and it takes place 5 years after a meteor wipes out most of the population. The second book is coming out Friday.
    I’ve been looking for PA readers and reviewers. It’s nice to see that they are out here. I just need to be better at finding them.
    Thanks for your time!

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