Revolution Episode 4 and Onwards


I give up. The premise of the show was unbeatable. The power grid goes down all over the world and in the blink of an eye civilization plunges into a new dark age. With a mainstream budget and resources how could it go wrong? Being such a fan of apocalyptic fiction, I really tried to like this show, but alas, I must admit defeat. Now that the villain is on a quest to obtain the twelve magical amulets or talismans that inhibit the energy dampening field that is responsible for the blackout I think I am officially out. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy fantasy fiction and am perfectly willing to accept some magical or religious-like powers so long as it is relevant and adds to a good plot. It is beyond me though why the writers would veer off into this direction when there are so many plausible, scientific reasons for a worldwide black out, like an EMP or CME. To top it off, the actual storyline is weak. I don’t care for any of the characters and basically don’t care what happens to them or their messed up world. After the first couple of episodes, they haven’t even been showing any good post apocalyptic scenery. I think the final nail in the coffin was when my wife, who gets scared when a horror movie commercial comes on tv said “this is kind of a lightweight show”. I offer my apologies to those of you that think the show is great…I tried, I really did try to like this show but we all have our limits. I might not go so far as to cancel the scheduled recording of future episodes on the DVR but I won’t be at all upset when my wife “accidentally” deletes them.

If you want to watch the show, NBC has full episodes of Revolution available for free through their website:

2 thoughts on “Revolution Episode 4 and Onwards

  1. I have been struggling with liking this show. I dislike most of the main characters. The main girl just irks me with her eyeballs and her male “interest” has a fugly face. Seriously, BUTT ugly. I can’t look at him without thinking “OMG, I’m going to puke” I like Miles and the girl who is his love interest. The fat dude..he’s…okay. That’s it. The General Monroe guy is just….bleh.

    I do think the show picked up a bit in the last two episodes. If they continue with the way the last two episodes were, I might actually like this show. Unfortunately, I feel compelled to watch any show, good or bad, to the end.

    • Hi there! Thanks for your comment! I felt bad taking a negative stance on the show but I really think that they took it in the wrong direction. I did watch last week’s episode and it was ok. It just pisses me off that they took a widespread blackout situation that is a real possibility (after Sandy, some people went without it for what 3 weeks?) and brought it into “magic land”. I realize now why they had to do it that way though…if they didn’t people could have restored some of the electricity after 15 years and at least had some running vehicles even if it was old tractors and cars. The far fetched electrical/combustion dampening field gave them an out, with the necklaces somehow shielding the dampening field.

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