The Gathering

The Gathering

In second book of the series by , Hunter and his newly pregnant wife, Elise, leave the relative comfort and safety of their mountain home and travel to the West Coast to live with Elise’s sister Anna in post apocalyptic British Columbia.

The West Coast of North America is bustling with economic activity, organized around an enormous marketplace that is known as The Gathering. Unfortunately, along with the renewal of economic activity, trade in human beings has become commonplace. Women and children are frequently kidnapped and sold to the highest bidder. The novel revolves around the quest to rescue Elise’s sister, who is kidnapped by these slave traders.

Backus has created a truly fascinating post apocalyptic land. Vivid descriptions of the beautiful West Coast landscapes and a uniquely detailed, even plausible, burgeoning economy make for a thoroughly entertaining read. A fully restored steam locomotive, female ninja vigilantes and a rich Native American cultural element will keep you anxiously flipping through the pages until the shocking, catastrophic conclusion!

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