World War Z

Welcome to the zombie apocalypse. World War Z shows the progression of a zombie apocalypse through a series of interviews that explore the experiences of survivors from around the world. Each interview or chapter further develops the story to paint the larger picture of a worldwide catastrophic event. Zombie fans and those that like post apocalyptic fiction in general will enjoy this book. You could substitute “zombies” for any number of apocalyptic events. It just so happens that zombies are the perfect enemy. A zombie acts on instinct alone, has no fear or conscience and will never stop until their brain is destroyed. World War Z (WWZ) is unique in a number of ways. First of all, the story is conveyed through a series of interviews and shows a wide variety of perspectives from people with different cultures and geographic locations. Unlike most stories in the genre, World War Z is not confined to one geographic location. Max Brooks takes us all over the world from China, Russia, Britain, Siberia, US and even to the ocean’s floor. Another unique feature of WWZ is that it covers the entire war, from the early stages of the outbreak right up until the end where humans develop efficient ways to destroy the zombie hordes and take back much of the planet. WWZ also proposes some interesting ideas. For example, government authorities conclude that they cannot save everyone and that in order to save some people, others must be sacrificed. Although one could criticize the way in which the author proposes that “government authorities” would find and implement a solution for the vast majority, the harsh, pragmatic decision is logical in the context of this post apocalyptic scenario. WWZ is a unique, well written and exciting tale that I highly recommend you add to your list of “must read” post apocalyptic fiction.

World War Z is also available as an audiobook through the link below:

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

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