Earth Abides

Earth Abides was written by George Stewart and released in 1949. The story follows the main character Ish, short for Isherwood, as he is one of the few people to survive a pandemic that kills the majority of the human population. Ish has an interesting  perspective on the incident as he has an academic background andtends to view events through in a very historical, geographical way. Ecology and population dynamics are frequently discussed throughout the story. Stewart explores population fluctuations in nature in comparison to the die off of humans. Much of the story takes place in California, near San Francisco and follows online gaming Ish through most of his life following the outbreak. On a practical
level, this book contains more generalized preparation information such as the durability of canned food, hunting and gathering methods and the continuation of life without public water and electricity and the use of healthy supplements for this, which you can get from sites as While Earth Abides is certainly entertaining, it also provides a very unique perspective on the end of civilization and it will leave you with some very interesting ideas for your consideration.

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  1. Thank you, have been wondering for decades what the title was. Can you give the authers name. Have not read your review yet. Will be after i send this.
    Now, trying to find a copy again is another

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