The Walking Dead

As I go over the list of fiction that I have enjoyed lately, AMC’s, The Walking Dead is definitely at the top of that list, especially with the release of season 2 coming up Sunday October 16. ( The Walking Dead: Season 2 Trailer )
I actually stumbled upon this show when AMC was doing a marathon showing its first season. Fans of the “end of the world” type of fiction will most definitely enjoy this show! The Walking Dead takes place in the present time when a pandemic kills most of the humans on earth and turns most of the survivors into zombies. It is based on a comic book series that was started in 2003 by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore. The story follows Rick Grimes, who is a small town police officer and a small group of other survivors as they try to stay alive in a world that has been overrun with zombies.

The writers/ directors do a great job of developing the characters and it is easy to relate to them and their experiences. The Walking Dead is great entertainment and I highly recommend it to those that enjoy apocalyptic fiction and would even recommend it to anyone that enjoys good drama with some edge.

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