One Second After

One Second After was written by William Forstchen and released in 2009. The book tells the story of a small town and their struggle to survive after an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) destroys the power grid in the United States along with all of the electronically based equipment. The story begins shortly before the power goes out and follows the characters for about a year into the post-electricity world. Through the book, Forstchen describes a number of “die-offs” and shows how and why these “die-offs” would take place. For example, the main character’s daughter is diabetic and requires insulin to stay alive – with no refrigeration and a limited supply it is inevitable that they will run out. Nursing homes are also abandoned by the caregivers, leaving the helpless to fend for themselves. Those with chronic medical problems that require medications to live are among the first to die. One Second After provides a wealth of ideas for preparing for a disaster and is an excellent thought experiment into the examination of life without electricity. Above all, it is very entertaining!

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One thought on “One Second After

  1. Was just about to review this book at my website.
    I enjoyed this book and even tho it wasn’t an extremely fast paced action novel, it still got me involved in the story. I still don’t get why he named two characters “jen” and “Jennifer”..this bugged me the entire seriously..i know Jen is a popular girls name and all..but come on..

    So..everyone..this book is a def to read if you like post-apocalyptic books.

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