The Passage

The Passage is an ambitious apocalyptic novel written by Justin Cronin that begins in the near future and spans almost one hundred years into the future. It is similar to Stephen King’s The Stand in that a virus that is being engineered in a secret government lab is released into the world. The government is working with a newly discovered virus trying to create “super soldiers”. This virus is unique in a number of different ways and takes on a life of its own through the death row inmates that are used as “guinea pigs” in the experiments. Obviously, the plan to create these “super soldiers” goes awry and the virus actually turns the victims into powerful, vampire like creatures that feed on the blood of other humans and animals. These vampire like creatures are responsible for both the spread of the virus and the destruction of the human population. The Passage is a haunting story that definitely left an impression in my mind. It is difficult to forget the armored steel passenger trains that are built during the crisis to transport survivors to safety. The Passage is a long story that is well worth the time. While some of the creations in The Passage are not new, Justin Cronin’s depiction of vampires versus survivors in a post apocalyptic world is entirely unique and satisfying.


I am Legend

I am Legend is a novel written by Richard Matheson released in 1954 and has been adapted to the big screen several times, the latest being directed by Francis Lawrence in 2007. I am going to discuss the 2007 film as I just saw it again and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I am Legend tells a story of a man that survives a pandemic that kills most of the human population. Most of the people that aren’t killed by the pandemic are transformed into zombie / vampire type of creatures. These creatures feed off of other living creatures such as animals and of course, the remaining human survivors. Robert Neville, played by Will Smith, is a virologist working to find a cure for the virus. He also is the last human alive in New York City.

The pandemic is described through a series of flashbacks in which Robert Neville recalls, among other things, the horror of losing his family. I would recommend the movie just to see the scenes of a post-virus New York City which are amazing! I Am Legend is one of my favorite movies and I would highly recommend it.