The Prepper Trilogy by Ron Foster

preppertrilogyWho knew that an wiping out the electric grid could be so much fun!   creates a truly unique world that is down right hilarious at times. In this journey, an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) that is caused by a solar flare has destroyed the modern world as we know it, disabling almost everything with electronic components.

The protagonist, David, provides the very unique and often humorous perspective that makes this post-apocalyptic world so much fun.  David doesn’t take himself too seriously and likes to have a good time. He’s no fool though. In fact, he’s a military veteran with a keen sense for survival.

Along with frequent laugh out loud moments,  has a lot of great ideas and practical tips. For me, the laid back, conversational style of the story makes it easy, fun reading. These are very entertaining books. If you can appreciate some “down home”, southern survival fun with a ton of laughs and practical knowledge, the Prepper Trilogy is for you. Ron Foster reminds us that a good sense of humor is an excellent asset in any crisis situation.  

It is refreshing to see some fun and humor in the post-apocalyptic landscape. Let’s not take ourselves too seriously. After all, isn’t laughter part of what makes survival worthwhile in the first place?

1 thought on “The Prepper Trilogy by Ron Foster

  1. My oh my how our generation has been dumbed down. It seems the books don’t have any comments while the TV shows seem to.

    I have notice that on Amazon too where only the Kindle editions seem to have comments verses the paperback editions. Most survival stories are only in Kindle and I don’t want to pay 200$ for one just to read stuff that I can’t even physically hold nor would work during an EMP.

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